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3 Reasons Why your Mindset Matters!

Pretty much everything in your external world has come from the vibrations you send out from within. If this is new to you, bare with me on this one, I know it can sound a bit wacky or woowoo, but its not and this can really change your life, when you begin to work on it. When you have a feeling or an emotion or even a thought about something, you could categorise it in two very simple ways 1 – positive and 2 – negative. Every positive feeling, emotion and thought you have, sends out positive vibrations into the universe and therefore attracts more positivity and the same for a negative feeling, emotion and thought. Therefore, you have it within your power to attract positive or negative things into your life. Now that you are aware of this what will you do differently? Well, I would like to think you would choose positivity. But it’s so easy to get into a negative spiral once you have a ‘bad’ day or get some ‘bad’ news (especially if you label your day as bad, you are literally asking for it!)

We all have our good days and bad days but what we forget is that it is all within our power to change it around and attract more positive things.

Here are three reasons why your mindset matters in everything and anything you do:

1 What you think and feel determines the progress you make. Just like a negative thought starts a sequence of unpleasant situations, a positive one can attract a string of wonderful situations. So think about the way you think and feel and aim to make it positive as often as possible.

2 Your mood is contagious. It doesn’t take much persuasion to believe this, it's easy to see that people’s moods are contagious, just think; when your child is in a good mood, what mood are you in? When your partner is being moody how does that make you feel? etc. So as Ghandi says, ‘be the change you want to see in the world’. Sort your mood out and be positive, spread it in the house and to the people you know.

3 Your mindset is a model to all those around you. Children learn a lot from observation and you will often be surprised where they picked something up without you realising it; they are like little sponges and so what you are teaching them subconsciously in the way to think and how to react to situations is very important.


Elisa x

This is an area that is covered in step 2 of the CORE Steps process. If you would like some support on using tools to address mindset issues related to parenting and autism, please contact me to discuss the support I can offer you at

P.S. Go do something NOW that makes you feel GOOD!

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