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Why does my child script?

Sometimes children will script (repeat accounts from TV, radio or previous conversations) when they do it can be an indication of the child’s state. Let’s look at common reasons why this could occur;

1. Anxiety – when a child is in a state of anxiety you may hear an increase in the level and intensity of scripting that they use.

2. When something is too uncertain, unpredictable and generally more dynamic it could create a state of anxiety and therefore the level and intensity of scripting will increase.

3. Scripting may occur through boredom, when the child is bored they may be playing back something in their mind.

4. It may be helping them to process something that has been said before and they are still making sense of it.

5. They may not be engaged mindfully in something and their default is to repeat something to them.

6. It could be used as a way to avoid others talking/ engaging with them to block out more dynamic interaction.

Get to know the times that your child is scripting more often and use that as communication/ information for what is happening for your child, then you will be better able to know how to respond to the situation.

Contact to discuss how we can work together to improve dynamic intelligence in your child.

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