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Inspire that Can Do! Attitude

Can Do! Boxes inspire your child to develop their growth mind-set  and emotional development through a variety of curious and exciting guided interactions with you, every month.  

Research shows that children with a growth mind-set (the desire to learn, grow, embrace challenges and learn from mistakes) enjoy life more, cope better and learn to see set backs as opportunities. Developing tools for life through self-regulation, kindness and a can- do attitude is essential for our children of the future!  

Does your child demonstrate any of the following qualities?

Want to be the best 

Want to be the first 

Want to be the winner 

Only want to do things that they know

Only want to do things that they are good at

If so, your child may be functioning from a 'fixed mindset' and if this is the case you may be experiencing some unpleasant day to day situations where your child is showing frustration, low self-esteem, challenges in school or with homework, behaviours, anxiety, depression and aggression.

Watch this short Ted Talk by psychologist, Carol Dweck on Developing Growth Mindset to understand more.

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We know that the brain is an experience dependent organ (which means it needs experiences to learn and grow) and we also know that parents are the best guides for their children so we have provided Guiding Instructions with each activity to help you get the best out of it AND highlight key developmental goals you'll be achieving too!

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Each month your box will provide you with activities to do with your child so if you ever feel stuck for ideas, not sure how to fill that quality time, need a screen free activity or want to know how to support your child's development. The Can Do! Boxes will inspire you to establish that connection with your child.  The majority of activities in the box can be repeated again and included are variations and elaborations of activities too!

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We actually care about the humans we are raising and the planet we live on. We aim to do our bit to encourage care for our environment from being mindful and making eco conscious choices of activities and resources where we can.


Our mission is to create the next generation who not only have the self-regulation skills and growth mindset to be amazing, creative and mindful individuals but who also show kindness, understanding and acceptance to others no matter our differences.

  • Awareness of neuro-diversities 

  • Acceptance of differences

  • Mindfulness and self awareness 

Who is it for?

Can Do! Boxes are suitable for ALL primary age children between 4 - 11 years, and the activities can be adapted for children of all abilities. 

Why have I decided to offer Can Do! Boxes?

Through my work with parents there are conversations that are common among all parents where I have identified families need help and support and these boxes are designed to compliment that support and address those common challenges that include:

  • Activity ideas and how to do it

  • How to use quality time 

  • Building a growth mind-set 

  • Understanding what objectives can be achieved

  • Raising awareness and acceptance


We loved the book and how the box was presented. The concept was great for letting my daughter discover her own way of doing things and the important part being the process rather than the finished product.

Liz (mother of 7 year old)


This matters...
Awareness & Acceptance
Each box will be inspiring in some way to raise awareness and acceptance of a neurodiverse conditions such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, epilepsy etc. This is where and why we have this logo (if you were wondering!)


A carefully selected book that supports our ethos and values about growth mind-set, kindness, positivity and awareness and acceptance.

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A sensory activity that can be used in a variety of ways to make it suitable for a range of abilities and ages. Developmental goals for sensory development, fine and gross motor skills.

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An activity relating to the season to ensure that we stay present to our environment, select seasonal resources, and appreciate our cyclical planet.

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An activity to do out in nature, whether it be in the garden, woodlands, beach or park it's excellent for our mental health to get out in nature as often as we can.

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We understand the ups and downs, joys and tribulations of raising a child and because of that we think it is CRUCIAL that your self-care is prioritised so to help you along with that each month we provide a little something extra in the box FOR YOU!

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What we hear and tell ourselves, how you speak to your child and what they hear will contribute to their beliefs on both a conscious and sub-conscious way and because of that we'll be giving you some tools to support you in shaping some really positive beliefs.  You'll also find some form of affirmations, positive phrases, mindfulness reminders for your mantra of the month.

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Need help initiating that conversation to engage in a growth mindset. The conversation starter helps you inspire just that.



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