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Relationship Development Intervention

Relationship Development Intervention (RDI®) offers individual programs for families that face Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental difficulties. It is often described as “the missing piece of the puzzle” in the treatment of ASD because instead of focusing on symptoms, our program works to activate the growth-seeking drive essential to remediating the universal features associated with ASD.
RDI®  programs teach parents how to guide their child to seek out and succeed in truly reciprocal relationships, while addressing key core issues such as motivation, communication, emotional regulation, episodic memory, rapid attention-shifting, self awareness, appraisal, executive functioning, flexible thinking and creative problem solving.


Short term input

This support is designed to give you a short-term booster of general support for specific issues and get you back on the right track. For some, this will be considered a stepping-stone towards a full RDI® programme but it is also valuable if you just need some guidance on specific problems, challenges or issues.


Improve the sleep situation in your household

If your child is having sleep difficulties and it is affecting them and the rest of the household, having a thorough sleep assessment and tailored programme can help everyone get a better night’s sleep and result in a happier more functioning family.


HANDLE® Screening

HANDLE® is an approach to neurodevelopmental irregularities that is a simple, non-invasive, empowering non-drug. It is an approach designed to enhance neurological systems that are causing learning or life difficulties using physical activities.


For professionals, support staff, parents, family
and employers

A range of training and workshops on various topics are available live and online for professionals, support staff, parents, family and employers


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