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I offer a range of training to meet the needs of schools, settings and work places, to improve the understanding and best practice inclusion of autistic individuals.



Host a FREE Think Autism Information Session

for Parents at your organisation


Parents can discover how Think Autism can support their family and child.


Learn more about the core features of autism, the importance of remediation and what they can do about it.


The Information Session will be delivered by

Elisa Ferriggi from Think Autism Ltd


This is a session for any parents interested in finding out more about how to address interaction, relationship, communication and sensory challenges. It will also provide more about Relationship Development Intervention® (RDI) and Holistic Approach to Neuro Development and Learning Efficiency® (HANDLE).


During the hour and a half session there will be a chance to:

* Discuss how this would benefit your child’s development

* Watch some video footage of interactions

* Meet others and exchange ideas

* Find out more about how Think Autism’s Services can help

"This session has been so helpful, I understand more about autism and my child and now I know what to focus on for the future too!" ~ Eva


Clinical supervision's ultimate goals are to ensure that the supervisee is using skills appropriately and properly handling a client caseload, all while being mentored by a professional. This leads to an increased skill set as well as improved outcomes of client care. Available for professionals within organisations who have autistic clients in their caseload.

 "I'm getting so much more than I expected. Elisa is not only knowledgeable in her area of
specialty, but she is a kind, thoughtful, supportive, non-judgemental professional, who has provided a
safe and secure space for me to process, off-load, learn, and develop my own professional abilities. Elisa
always has to hand a supply of appropriate resources to support any issues I might raise. There has
never been a time or an issue that I have felt that I could not bring into our discussions. Having these
characteristics in the person fulfilling this role, taking this responsibility, is mandatory; non-negotiable,
and I am extremely appreciative that I have found them here." ~ Barbara Wolfe, Cambridge


Learn about autism and how to help students reach their potential
Suitable for all levels of school staff and the more involved from one team the better! Available to be delivered in-school, in stand-alone sessions or as support packages.

"It's the best training I've been on, it is a practical approach, not just useless theory!"
~ Beeches School~


Delivered in person or online
Suitable for organisations and companies to understand autism in the workplace and discuss reasonable adjustments at an organisational level.

"That was a very thought provoking training, I've learned a lot about autism at work and we have ideas as a team now on how to be more inclusive for all needs" ~John

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